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The following links may be of interest to those interested in debt private placements:

Debt Private Placement Forum ("DPPF")
The Debt Private Placements Forum was founded by Global Capital Advisors, LLC to serve as a discussion forum as well as electronic meeting place for professionals actively involved in the debt private placement market. With over 500 members representing the "Buy-side", "Sell-side" as well as the legal and issuer communities, DPPF provides an avenue to air issues, concerns, and/or exchange information among both users as well as practitioners of debt private placements.

Private Placement Monitor - The Private Placement Monitor newsletter, edited by Anthony Napolitano, is the only periodical solely focused on the debt private placement market. Since the mid-80's it has become the "place to go" for current coverage of domestic and cross-border traditional new-issues, as well as 144a (private style) and CTL transactions. The number of PPM issues each year is a function of the market's activity level. The PPM is published several times each week, with at least 156 editions per year and is sent to subscribers via e-mail.

Private Placement Letter, The Private Placement Letter, edited by Carol Clouse, is a publication of SourceMedia, that provides comprehensive news and data on privately placed debt. Articles are published on-line as soon as news of a transaction becomes available. Subscribers receive weekly links to the publication on-line.

LinkedIn Company Profile - Global Capital Advisors
The profile provides a brief description of GCA, its personnel and the services it offers clients.

LinkedIn Profile - Mark K. Nichols, Managing Founder – Global Capital Advisors, LLC
The profile on LinkedIn provides background information on the founder and principal of Global Capital Advisors.

LinkedIn Profile - Robert A. Weiss, Managing Director, Head of Ratings and Debt Transfer Pricing , Global Capital Advisors, LLC
The profile on LinkedIn provides background information on Bob Weiss, responsible for the firm's Ratings Advisory and Transfer Pricing services.

LinkedIn Profile - Gregory V. Johnson, Managing Director, Global Capital Advisors, LLC
The profile on LinkedIn provides background information on the newest member of the GCA team and contact point for GCA services.

National Investor Relations Institute
Founded in 1969, NIRI is a professional association of corporate officers and investor relations consultants responsible for communication among corporate management, the investing public and the financial community. Their members represent the majority of the largest publicly held corporations in the U.S. as well as many small and mid-sized companies. With over 4,400 members in 33 chapters around the country, NIRI sets the highest standards in education to advance the practice of investor relations and meet the growing professional development needs of those engaged in the field.

American College of Investment Counsel
The mission of the College is to bring together lawyers who devote a substantial amount of their time representing institutional investors in connection with their investment operations, to provide education with respect to legal issues and market practices affecting institutional investments and investors, to develop, where appropriate, guidelines and uniform documentation for transactions involving institutional investments and to build collegial relationships to allow for more efficient transactions and communications among its Fellows.

The College has historically focused on investments in non-public debt and equity securities, in particular those which involve a significant degree of reliance upon the general credit of the issuer or cash flows from specific projects or asset pools. The College recognizes that the operations and investments of institutional investors are varied and evolving. Consequently, the College's focus includes the evolving broader scope of institutional investments and the complex issues involved.

ACIC - Forms and Guides
In 1993 a group of insurance companies and investment banks organized The Private Placement Enhancement Project to prepare certain models and references to make the private placement market more efficient. The Project's working group, on which a number of ACIC members served, produced three publications:

The following documents and forms are available via the ACIC website through the above Link:

Domestic Model Form Note Agreements:

  • Model Form No.1 (April 16, 2005)
    (clean version)
  • Model Form No.2 (October18, 2012)
    (clean version)

International Model Form Note Agreements:

  • Model X-1 Form (April 15, 2006)
    (with footnotes)
  • Model X-2 Form (April 15, 2016)
    (with footnotes)

Financial Covenants:



  • Due Diligence Guidelines:
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