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GCA's Debt Transfer Pricing Team

GCA's lead professionals for Debt Transfer Pricing assignments are well qualified by both training and experience to provide independent, empirically grounded assessments. Experienced experts in their respective fields, Robert Weiss develops the Implied Credit Profile while Mark Nichols provides the Indicative Pricing Assessment.

Robert Weiss, Managing Director at GCA heads up its Ratings and Debt Transfer Pricing Advisory practices overall. Bob spent 14-years at Bank of America where he headed its Global Ratings Advisory Group. Prior to working at the Bank, Bob worked for 12-years at Standard & Poor's where he was Head of its Global Energy Ratings team. Both at Bank of America as well as GCA, Bob has provided transfer pricing credit advice for clients, as well as advising them generally on credit ratings related matters.

Mark Nichols, Managing Director and Founder, establishedfounded GCA in 2008 following a 30-years+ career at Bank of America where he held a range of positions within its Debt Capital Markets group; including 13-years as a Managing Director in Debt Private Placements responsible for execution and distribution of privately placed securities. Prior to working in Private Placements, Mark was responsible for the origination and distribution of syndicated loans, both high grade and high yield; was Director of Commercial Paper Origination; and Regional Director-Canada in the Investment Banking Group responsible for originating both debt capital market issues, as well as other investment banking products.

Greg Johnson, Managing Director, joined GCA in 2013 following a 23-year career at Bank of America where he held a variety of positions within the Capital Markets group, including Head of Debt Private Placements and Head of International Debt Capital Markets. Greg's experience includes both public and private transactions and encompasses issuance from companies located in twenty different countries. Many of those issues included "first-of-its-kind” transactions and structural as well as market innovations. During his career, Greg dealt with numerous credit rating and restructuring issues, developing a deep appreciation of all aspects of debt issuance.

Please contact any member of our team at 1 (888) 403-4440 to learn more about GCA's Debt Transfer Pricing capabilities or via email at:

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Greg Johnson  
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