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Qualifying for a Private Placement

Is a private placement the best available alternative from the perspective of:

  • Capital Availability and Diversification?
  • Risk management objectives?
  • Desired maturities?
  • Investor relations objectives?
  • Structural flexibility?
  • Pricing?
  • Timing?
  • Covenants?

With over 30 years of experience advising issuers on alternative capital market options, GCA's advisors are well positioned to provide unbiased guidance as to the relative advantages/disadvantages of debt private placements versus alternative markets.

U.S. Private Placements:

  • Have proven, over time, to be a stable source of long-term, patient debt capital.
  • Are predominantly, though not exclusively, an investment grade market.
  • Include pockets of appetite for near-investment grade credits with a solid story.
  • Meet the needs of both smaller companies as well as multinationals.
  • Do not need prospective issuers to be rated (most are not).
  • Have favored sectors such as basic manufacturing with brand-name franchises.
  • Can also be done for service companies and special purpose vehicles.

GCA works with issuer's management to determine if the private placement market is right for them. First time issuers can be assured that we will not recommend they proceed unless we have a high level of confidence in a successful transaction. As independent advisors with neither financial commitments to the issuer, nor league table ambitions, GCA's sole agenda is to provide our clients with the most unbiased and professional advice possible.

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